Women’s Health Screening

Prioritize your well-being with preventative health screening at our clinic, offering comprehensive packages designed to detect and prevent potential health issues at various stages of a woman’s life.

Women's Health Screening Package

Preventative health screening is important as it allows women to detect problems early and prevent them from becoming serious illnesses. Dr Sharifah’s clinic offer a wide range of holistic screening packages tailored to meet the needs of different women at various stages of life.







Specialized Screening Package

Explore our specialized screening packages tailored to enhance your reproductive health and support your journey towards parenthood.

Pre-Conception Screening

This is a first step towards preparing for a healthy pregnancy. In addition to the comprehensive investigations and examinations, we will also provide advice on matters relating to conception, including fertility issues.

Fertility Screening

Fertility screening is designed for couples who are keen to conceive but are having difficulty. This programme can help identify any health risks that may affect you or your spouse and enable you to act towards increasing your chances of conception.

Fertility and Preconception Screening

Fertility screening can be combined with preconception screening to allow for a thorough assessment of fertility as well as health issues which may affect pregnancy. Guidance will be given to improve your overall health and well- being in preparation for parenthood.