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In these enlightening videos, Dr. Sharifah dives deep into the intricacies of women’s health, discussing topics ranging from reproductive health to pregnancy care, menopause, and beyond. Her extensive knowledge and experience shine through as she deftly addresses common concerns and sheds light on lesser-known aspects of women’s health.

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In this section, Dr. Sharifah takes us on a journey through her remarkable career, sharing her insights, experiences, and behind-the-scenes stories from her practice and clinic. Discover the innovative techniques and cutting-edge treatments she has pioneered, as well as her visionary perspective on the future of healthcare. Dr. Sharifah also highlights the human side of her work, sharing heartwarming stories of how she has positively impacted the lives of women through compassionate care.

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The patient came and complained that they had chronic pelvic pain💢, dysmenorrhea with a pain score of 7/10 💢, dyspareunia with a pain score of 5/10 💢and also occasional dyscheia💢. Following an ultrasound, the doctor noticed that the patient had a bulky uterus with a fanning sign 🧐, which is most likely denomyosis . The doctor recommends that she start with medical treatment and see again in three months 👩🏻‍⚕️. Gynecological symptoms women should never ignore : 1️⃣ Painful intercourse – Pain can happen before, during, or after sex. Both could point to a health problem. 2️⃣ Painful or excessive urination – Are you urinating more frequently than usual or does it hurt to urinate? 3️⃣ Irregular periods – Do you have irregular periods, meaning that they don't come on time every 28 days or are they longer or shorter than usual? 4️⃣ Heavy menstrual bleeding – Oftentimes, heaviness of menstruation is underestimated. A typical menstrual cycle does not include heavy or severe bleeding. 5️⃣ Vaginal changes – Talk to your provider about any lumps, bumps, or rashes. 6️⃣ Missed period – Have you ever experienced a missed period that wasn't brought on by pregnancy? Did you skip your period completely or was it light? 7️⃣ Spotting – A small amount of light bleeding in between cycles may be cause for alarm. 8️⃣ Excessive bloating –Do you feel much more bloated than normal? Does it hurt? Are you so bloated that your clothes no longer fit you comfortably? 9️⃣ Discharge – While some vaginal discharge is normal, unusual discharge is defined as being yellow, green, brown, or strongly scented. Please contact us on WhatsApp at 0102888645 if you would like to schedule an appointment or if you have any of the aforementioned symptoms. 📞 #yourreels #adenomyosis #chronicpelvicpain #GleneaglesHospitalMediniJohor #drsharifahclinic #drsharifahhalimahjaafar

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@drsha_clinic " Multiple Uterine Fibroid " and patients decide to do a sugery. Every woman deserves personalized and compassionate healthcare. We're here for you. 📷 Schedule an appointment with us by WhatsApp 0102888645 📷 #fyp #foryourpage #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #drsharifahclinic #drsharifahhalimahjaafar #gleneaglesmedinihospitaljb #happypatients #fibroid #endometriosis #papsmear #cyst ♬ original sound - Dr Sharifah Clinic